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PayPal , Cryptocurrencies ​​accepted. Once payment is received, The system will send console ID instantly to your E-mail with no delay


all over the world (All Countries)

  • Private on 1 device
  • Support Dex/Cex
  • [Support Control Console and Other Packages]
  • Support Webman
  • 3 Weeks Warranty
  • Our visitors are from all over the world (All Countries)
  • Receive the item immediately to your Email Inbox or Spam (Automatically)
  • Live Support to Help you
  • Online (It will let you go to online)

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Immediate Receipt

After payment is received, our system will automatically send CID directly to your E-mail

Support For You

If you got any problem with cid just tell us and we will help you directly through LiveChat or Tickets

Continually follow up with buyer

We will contact you after hours of purchase to make sure you are satisfied with everything


We give our buyers a full 3 weeks warranty
(we will replace it)

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Why Choose Us

You will receive the best services. We are confident in our ability to meet your expectations to your satisfaction


We give our buyers a full 3 weeks warranty . Get 4 Weeks after add your good feedback. We Will replace it


We give you a CID private for use on one console


Our support team is available online at any time through live chat just visit [Help Center] Page


We protect your CID from being shared or anything affecting your CID

Immediate receipt

After payment is received, our system will automatically send CID directly to your E-mail dont need to wait anything 

High protection

SSL | High protection for payments and personal information , full protection for your products.

Why Choose Us
You will receive the best services. We are confident in our ability to meet your expectations to your satisfaction

1- Guarantees up to 3 Weeks. Get 4 Weeks after add your good feedback

2- Live Support 24/7.

3- Private use on one device

4- Protect.

5- SSL | High protection for payments and personal information.

6- Immediate receipt.

7- Do not worry about any problem you may have.


8- Try us once and you will not use other sites after today.

9- You can pay by PayPal, BTC,Psn Cards (USA).


If you think you didn’t get your question contact us in Live Chat 

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Frequently asked questions about this product

Yes , We using selly/shoppy system to get for item directly to Your Email .

Yes , You can use control console , and webman

To facilitate the process of communicating with our staff, just click on live chat, and we’ll be with you in minutes

Please see our office hours

or just open Ticket

After buy the system will send you cid to your email inbox with link page show you some Problems and solutions that you may encounter

Dont worry , our cids is working fine just contact us by Live Chat will see the link in same message console id in your email

Sure, we offer to our customers 3 weeks warranty from the beginning of the date of purchase

The product delivery email will be sent to your [PAYPAL EMAIL ONLY], Check Paypal E-mail inbox or spam/junk , Processing the order sometimes be delay with Email’s outlook/hotmail only usually​ from 1 to 10 minutes ,this is not a Selly specific issue, If you have any problem contact us by livechat system.

PayPal , Bitcoin , Ethereum and If you want pay by other methods like psn cards usa you can contact us by live chat

The selly/shoppy system is very strong in buyer protection this message show sometimes with some buyers when try to buy our products , Probability of the problem (use VPN programs) , we dont allow to buy by use vpn programs please stop it during purchase , or maybe The e-mail entered is high-risk use other E-mail .

Be sure, after purchase through the selly system will delete the product (Console ID) from the database to the archive . The products may be referred to in certain cases, such as the request of the buyer , or in cases of violation of the conditions with the payment being settled.

Yes, some buyer information appears through the Selly system, such as the IP address or the state and all the details, but it is only available in cases of irregularities with payment systems , We consider users to be subject to the rules of the selly system and our buyers will use the Selly system to buy, so any information that appears is from Selly system , We Just Use Selly to has Feature Send item automatically Read More about Selly / shoppy

Unfortunately you can not do this, because in the end they are considered a digital commodity, but do not worry if you get any problem you can communicate with the support team through live chat, and you will get a reply within a few hours, with happy news.

Sure , please contact with support through open ticket or live chat

Payment Methods

Do you want buy CID Private through Psn cards or Steam cards or Google play cards ?

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